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Hi there–

Just checking in to say yep, it’s still me, I haven’t been hacked or handed over my readthroughing, I just changed my username having shut down the other blog. The long story is that no longer doing derby any more, I didn’t really have use for the other blog, so the name’s a bit redundant, and I felt it would be better to go back to a fannish nom de plume rather than leave people with the assumption that I’m a rollergirl.

I’d also like to apologise yet again for the delay in updates and thank you for bearing with me. There is SO much for me to reply to and to keep on doing: thankyou for sticking around. Imma getting back on this shit, bigtime.


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2 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. mannafrancis on said:

    Good to see you back!

    I’m excited for the next update. This will be The Contract, right?

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