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*waving, not drowning*

Just a quick update…

Firstly: I have half-finished recaps which I need to get back onto, but at the moment things have changed yet again in my life… I’m back at university. In other words: I GOT IN. So far I’m loving it and getting to do a bunch of subjects that interest me, so all is good. Actually, pretty fucking fantastic, I must admit.

(And on that note: Social Psychology is fascinating. I’m also doing Writing Fiction and we’re looking at what works in short stories at the moment and it’s awesome and it’s probably going to assist with doing this blogging. 🙂 )

Anyway, uni means I possibly have more time and ability to get some regularity happening, so hooray for that, and I’ll see you soon. 


On another note, I read in the paper last week that apparently detainees at gitmo are reading Shades

Consider this for a minute. Then consider that America apparently is opposed to “cruel and unusual punishment.” (Then again, they were waterboarding people over there, depriving them of sleep and pretty much fucking with them in pretty horrible ways, but… honestly…? If I was held captive and so starved for books that I was wanting to read Shades in all seriousness… I think that’s pretty fucking brutal.) 


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3 thoughts on “*waving, not drowning*

  1. mannafrancis on said:

    Wow! Awesome news! Congratulations on getting in. A combination of Social Psychology and Fiction Writing sounds brilliant, as well. Maybe you can get course credit for the blog 🙂

    (I guess Shades is one of those books that people read and then leave behind. So your choice in Guantanamo Bay is probably between E.L. James, John Grisham or Dan Brown.)

  2. Thistle on said:

    Woo! Congratulations!

    Hahaha, as if the folks there didn’t think poorly enough of Americans. “This is one of their most popular books?!”.

  3. So I’m sure you’re having an awesomely studious time at uni. I hope everything’s well with you. This is NOT a nag post, I promise. I just thought it might make you feel warm and fuzzy — in a no-pressure sort of way — to know that you are missed and so are your readthroughs. Hope you’re doing great!

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