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Sadly, barring the books themselves, there’s no official merch for The Administration. (FFS, a dodgily-written, unedited “erotic” series gets board games, underwear, CD collections, probably a perfume and fuck knows what else, George R. R. “I hate fanfiction even though I wrote it myself but I’m a special and talented writer and you people are just hacks” Martin’s series gets more fucking crap than anyone would want to fill a house with, even the Hunger Games [which, okay, I think is a decent series, I just couldn’t get into the books because the narrative grated at me] gets laptop stickers— my son has them– amongst all sorts of other nifty merch…) so being the same sort of fan who started watching Blakes 7 because there was no more Administration and I wanted MOAR and knew of the connection… I’ve developed a bit of a thing about plastic ducks which fans will probably get.

At work, I had a running theme of plastic duck desktop backgrounds on the computers (because I didn’t think fanart would be terribly appropriate); I have duckie pyjamas, a cute little “plastic duck on a chain” and now… these guys, who sit on one of the shelves amongst my other fannish stuff in the room which is my study/grrlcave/library/cat foster room/crashspace for guests.


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4 thoughts on “Merch… sort of!

  1. Thistle on said:

    Haha whenever I need a code phrase, key phrase, or something like that, I work it around ‘plastic duck’. (I’m not giving away any work security by sharing that! It’s for internal testing.)

    • Readthroughs and Randoms on said:

      That is most wonderful! 😀 *grins*

      I love how it’s so quirky and inoffensive– and translates to so many things. 🙂 When I first got into the fandom, I didn’t immediately pick up on it, and then was like, “OH GOD THIS IS AWESOME!”

  2. The nice thing about this sort of merch is that it’s completely neutral for people who haven’t read the series, too.

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