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Housekeeping post!

So, some more housekeeping… if anyone’s still around…!

Man: I just looked at the last date on an entry on here and feel horrendously guilty, and I owe some huge explanations.

Firstly: a HELL of a lot of stuff has happened in the last year for me, and updating the blogs haven’t been a priority or sometimes doable for me.

Another thing that’s happened is that I’ve actually LOST my copy of Shades. I don’t know if this is my subconscious desire to just stop reading it, but I have. I miss doing the blog-throughs, though, and I miss talking about The Administration, and this year I’ve actually tried to make more of an effort to read fiction. My Kobo died on me a few months ago, which had me acquiring a new one, and then having to rationalise the purchase with, “Fine, then I need to read books on it.” Which I’ve been doing. The great thing about ereaders is that they can give you the chance to support indie publishers and writers who won’t get a look-in in mainstream publishing houses let alone bookshops, so in between university and the gazillion other things I’ve crammed into my life, I’ve started reading just for the sake of reading again. And I realised that I wanted to talk about some of those books, too, and since this is “Read Throughs and Random,” I might as well throw some other book-related stuff up here as well.

So what else am I doing? Uni degree (still not doing the degree I was hoping to be doing), cat fostering, playing Ingress (a virtual turf-war played with smartphones and GPS), being a nerd about law and now falling in love with Finance (I know, even I didn’t see that one coming), pole dancing (nor that one, but ohmyGOD it is amazing for building upper body strength and fitness: I’ve become a bit of one of those “fitness people” again), and I might have written some stuff for the university newspaper, have tentatively tried to start writing original fiction again, and have been makeup blogging about Essence. (Well, that all stopped when uni got a bit more hectic and my camera broke– long story there.) And then there’s the sleep requirements, family stuff, etc, etc. Oh, and I stopped smoking. Again.

But my point is: I’m coming back and I wanted to put my foot down and say something about it and explain the changes around here, though that the Administration chapter read throughs and opinions are coming back on air soon.

And that I’ve missed you guys, and if anyone’s still around, I thank you for your patience.


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2 thoughts on “Housekeeping post!

  1. Yay! It will be nice to see you posting again. 🙂

  2. cynical_romantic on said:

    Ooh, sorry I missed this post! But I’m here! I’ve been checking back in from time to time, no pressure, but just, hey, I really miss your Administration read-throughs and keep holding out hope for more.

    Also, not sure if this made the news internationally, but there’s been quite a lot of talk in Canada lately in light of the Jian Ghomeshi… I’ll say scandal, though that’s not quite the right word. Basically, it’s sparked a ton of conversation about the nature of abusive relationships, about women who are raped and abused and never report it and the systemic reasons for that. And also, since Ghomeshi initially tried to cover things up by claiming that it was BDSM, not rape, and yes he actually compared his relationships to 50 Shades, which (mostly thanks to this blog, or else I wouldn’t have known anything much about this book) I was able to recognize as a huge red flag right away, because no-one legitimately into BDSM would ever want to be associated with this pack of drivel.

    Anyway, hoping you’re still around so we can discuss all the things some more.

    And congratulations on quitting smoking. That’s awesome.

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